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Smart Ways To Increase Site Traffic

Online traffic methodsMany people spend so much time trying to increase site traffic from methods that they are ultimately going to need to keep doing again and again. But there is a much smarter way.

By establishing perpetual traffic sources, you do the work once and they continue to generate traffic to your websites and landing pages for years to come.

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Increase Site Traffic With Videos Videos

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Creating YouTube videos are one of the best ways nowadays to increase site traffic to your websites and landing pages. By creating a video and having it on a popular platform such as YouTube you can potentially reach millions of people.

YouTube can also be a great strategy for you to use if you are trying to sell your eBook.

Your video will be there forever and if it is a very funny, topical or highly informative video it also has the potential to go viral if other people start tweeting and sharing it.

  1. A few things to consider when using video marketing to increase site traffic:
  2. Make your videos look professional by using decent video recording and editing software.
  3. Ensure your video is found more easily by putting your keyword in the title of your video, the description box and in the tags.
  4. If you are doing instructional or how to videos then use pip (picture in picture). This allows people to see you and therefore will build trust.

Videos that don’t show the person or even worse, use a fake digital voice to narrate can come across as a bit suspicious and don’t help to build trust with your audience. It is important to remember when it comes to marketing, people ultimately buy from people they feel they know, like and trust.

Blogging To Increase Site Traffic

Blogging is a good way to let people know you are there and draw attention to yourself. It is a fantastic way to build an audience, nurture trust with people and increase site traffic with your blog posts. There are also of course techniques to blogging too so the following will help you get started on the right foot:

  1. Always provide good quality content that will be of value to your readers.
  2. Choose a good theme for your blog. Preferably avoid the free themes as there will be many people using them, you want to be different from the rest and stand out. I use Elegant Themes as their templates are very nice looking, professional and easy to use. Best of all, they are surprisingly cheap!
  3. Specialize within a sub-niche and brand your blog. All the top guys go for personal branding and use a logo or a unique name for their blog. This helps people to remember you also makes you stand out from the crowd.
  4. Don’t monetize straight away as this will come across like you just want to sell something. Spend your time providing great, useful content that will be of value to your readers. A little later down the line you may want to putting a few banners on your blog but don’t over do it and make sure the blog still looks tidy. If you are recommending a product with links in your post make sure it is actually a product you know about and one that you do honestly think is good and will be of benefit to your readers.
  5. Post frequently will help you increase site traffic. Post at least 3-4 times a week. Each post should ideally be 400-700 words. Choose keywords based on high monthly searches and low competition for your posts. If you can, put your keyword in the headlines and sub-headlines, the first and last sentence of your post and appearing on average of once every 100 words. This will help your SEO but don’t worry too much if you can’t always do it. Having your post read well is more important I would say. The search engines will like it if you are posting frequently.

Blog Commenting

Blog commenting is like riding on other peoples traffic and is a great way to build backlinks and encourage people to visit your site. If you haven’t done this before, once you comment on a post, your link to your blog or landing page will also be next to your comment. If your comment has value to people and adds to the article they have just read then people will be more inclined to click your link.

Forum Marketing

Giving helpful info on forums, again providing value and being of help to people will encourage people to click your signature link and visit your site. First of all, make sure you are using a forum that allows signatures.

Search for new posts and be of service to people asking questions there. Click on the ones with not many replies as this will mean your reply will be close to the top of the thread and therefore more visible to people reading that thread, and the higher the potential for you to increase site visitors from this method.

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