Secondary DNS

The most obvious reason for having secondary DNS servers is redundancy.
If one DNS server goes off-line because of maintenance or some disaster, the other servers will continue serving requests for your domain names.
Having secondary DNS servers off-site provides even better protection, since 2 servers on the same power-outlet or network connection could easily be affected by the same disaster (power failure, network outage, flooding, etc.).
If you are connecting to the Internet with a cable or DSL modem, you can easily run your own primary DNS server (for example with Simple DNS Plus).
However, most domain registrars require at least two DNS servers for each domain name.
By using this service, you will still have full control over your domain name(s) on your primary DNS server.
Any changes or updates you make (on your primary server) are automatically and instantly transferred to our secondary servers (through standard zone transfers).
It is extremely easy to add and change domains through our web-interface.
Any changes you make take effect immediately - so don't be surprised to see a zone transfer request from our server at the same instance you hit the Update button on our site.
To use this service, you must already be running a primary DNS server supporting standard DNS zone transfers (for example Simple DNS Plus, BIND, or Microsoft DNS server).

Implemented features

  • Zone transfer from master DNS server via AXFR (please note that you should allow transfer to,, and
  • Serving A, AAAA, NS, SRV, TXT, MX records of secondary zone
  • AXFR zone transfer to any NS listed inside zone (automatic acl)
  • Forced updates at any time through the web-interface.
  • Notify support.

Upcoming features

We are going to publish live these changes:

Secondary DNS service API

Secondary DNS service statistics graph

API Info/Test page

If you would like to suggest any feature - you can do it by using orange link "Feature request" at the top of the page

Additional terms:

- Your secondary DNS zone will become subject to removal after consequent AXFR transfer failures for the past 24 hours from all of the listed name servers. You will be notified of service deletion for failed domain name in 3 days