Managed DNS

Suffering from failures?

Managing DNS becomes critical the more reliant your business becomes on the Internet. Websites with internally managed DNS are more likely to suffer from downtime than sites where DNS is managed externally. Any risk in downtime also means increased risk in financial loss and damage to your company’s reputation.

System-NS solution

System-NS managed DNS service can improve your company’s Web-based operations by leveraging the availability, reliability, scalability and global distribution of the world’s largest DNS infrastructure. With a secure DNS hosting service that delivers simplified management and enhanced DNS performance, you can count on improved performance and cost saving over in-house management.

Premium uptime

By using System-NS managed DNS service you get instant slave update on all replicated points with improved DNS security and enhanced response time. New protocols integration are made quick and efficient handling 100 percent DNS resolution and uptime meaning no loss of revenue or productivity through downtime.

Notice: You have to set your name servers to nameservers at your domain registrar panel. We encourage you to choose servers most close to your site audience. You can choose any of,, or in any combinations, or even use all of them in round-robin fashion to achieve maximum stability.

Upcoming features

We are going to publish live these changes:

Managed DNS service API

Managed DNS records management API

Managed DNS service statistics graph

API Info/Test page

You can always check status of server software at our status page.