Dynamic Load Balancer

Ultimate boost to your website performance by providing traffic through our anycast network.

How does it work?

Load Balancer checks the state of instances, automatically eliminates overloaded hosts and returns them as disaster recovery. The efficiency of the resource can rapidly increase with the help of a load balancer . The request passes through a Load Balancer where it is processed and sent on to the unloaded the server and the client receives a response from the working hosts.

internet visitors

around the world

When working with Load Balancer, you always get a response from the closest to you geographically located server. Thus, your request processing takes the minimum time. Due to the fact that the servers are located in different countries you get the fast content delivery, traffic processing is carried out directly to you at the nearest instance.

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The main purpose of Load Balancer is that when a customer visits your site, our resource first of all determines the efficiency of servers, and then sends a request to the unloaded host. When using caching, the static content of your site will be stored on our servers. When a customer visits your site, he receives the static content first and then the dynamic content after a partial load.

closest pop server

serves most of the content

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reducing response time