How To Sell An Ebook

An eBook cover exampleLearning how to sell an ebook can be a very smart thing to do. Firstly, they cost virtually no money to make, they are becoming more and more popular all the time and once created, it can be a consistent source of revenue for you which earns you money on auto-pilot. But how do we go about learning how to sell an ebook?

Before we go into detail on how to create and market your book, let’s take a quick look at a few other reasons why this is a great area to get into…

Here are a few more reasons why you should learn how to sell an ebook:

  1. The profit margin of an book is 100% as they are digital products
  2. You have the opportunity to sell to the whole world!
  3. Selling ebooks is a very low risk business as it costs practically nothing to set up
  4. You can work from home or anywhere in the world where you can find an internet connection
  5. You don’t have to worry about packaging and shipping charges
  6. An ebook can establish you as an authority in your chosen field
  7. You can create and start selling your first ebook in a day!
  8. You can run this great business part-time
  9. Your ebook can be as little as 30 pages with a few really great ideas in it
  10. You learn how to sell an ebook and do the work to create them once and they can continue to generate money for you long after they have been created

How To Sell An Ebook: Creating & Selling

Step 1: Find A Niche Market

writingYour ebook can be about pretty much anything, but first of all you need to pick a niche market that has a problem to solve. Preferably first of all choose something that you know about and that you have an interest in as you’ll find it much easier to write your book.

Think about your passions, your past times and the problems that you face (as chances are many other people will be facing the same problems). For more great, detailed information on how to choose the right niche with hungry buyers check out my blog post, ‘Finding Your Niche’.

Step 2: Creating Your Ebook

Spend a bit of time researching your topic and put the information together in a 30-70 page ebook and save it as a pdf file. Go to and pay someone $5 to create an ebook cover for you. Now you have your product!

Step 3: Open an account with and upload your ebook to be sold as a kindle book

You can just leave it here and make some money through selling kindle books, although you won’t make much from each book you sell. Your strategy here would be then to create more ebooks. With 10-20 kindle books that sell well you could make quite a nice income from this and would only take you a matter of a few months to get to this stage.

Or, if you wanted to take it further and have the opportunity to make much more money form your ebook, also do;

Step 4: Get someone to create a simple 2 page landing page for you

If you are just starting out then I recommend you create a simple 2 page sales funnel. Your sales funnel will consist of a sales page promoting your ebook and a thank you page where people can download your ebook once they have sold it.

You can learn about the different sales funnel software options you can use here.

ClickBankStep 5: Go to and open a vendor account

This will cost you $50. With your website you have created you can now promote your ebook through the ClickBank marketplace and get affiliates to sell it for you.

Step 6: Drive traffic to your sales page

To learn how to do this check out my blog post, How to drive targeted web traffic to your site.

I hope you found this post, ‘how to sell an ebook’ useful and I wish you all the best with your first ebook! I would love to hear how you get on or about any experiences you may have already selling ebooks so please feel free to let me and other readers know all about it in the comments section below!

Writing Your eBook

ebook2Hello and welcome back to this topic of writing e-books to sell online. In part one we looked at why it is a good idea to get into selling ebooks online, we also talked about the ways to go about choosing a niche or topic for your book and the simple steps to go about creating your book and making it into a finished product. The post finished on where to actually sell the book.

In this post I’d like to also give you a few other tips and pointers that will help you create this passive income stream.

Time Effective Ways To Create Your Book

This is one draw back many people often come up with when writing e-books, so I’ve provided you with a few solutions:

With your topic in mind, write out on a page all your sub-topics. Underlined them, these will be your chapters. Each evening write two pages for each sub-topic. In just 15 days you will have created a simple 30 page e-book. Ideally, your e-book should be at least 30 pages as a minimum but try to go for 70 – 200 pages.

Set a time limit when your writing e-books, use the egg timer method from my previous post about ‘Building Productivity In Your Business’. If you assign 4 hours for a task then it will take 4 hours, if you assign 1 hour to a task then it will take one hour. Of course once your product is completed, you may have to spend a bit of time at the end to tidy up your book, edit it and give it a polish but it will be done a lot quicker this way!

Interview an expert and record it. Transcribe the recording and turn it into an e-book.

If you don’t like writing e-books or are not necessarily an expert on your topic then you can create an e-book using published articles online. Go to, collect about 50-70 articles on your topic that are written well with good content, you don’t want any old rubbish!You are allowed to use these articles for free as long as you keep the authors resource box that appears at the end of each article.

Copy and paste the articles into a word doc. You can also include a few links of your own. Create a cover for your e-book (as explained in part 1) and turn the whole thing into a pdf. Some websites may not accept this type of e-book however, you can certainly sell it on your own website or put it on the ClickBank marketplace for affiliates to promote.

If you don’t have an able and willing English pro in the family to proof read it for you (I use my mum for this job, she’s great!) You can go to your local college or university and tell them your looking for a student editor to help you with a project. They’ll usually be enthusiastic to work for you to get the extra cash and it won’t cost you much at all!


When writing e-books you will want to license them once you have completed it. Go to to register your e-book. It will now be copywrited and you will own the rights to it. All you will need to do it fill in the form and send off the required fee.

Getting An ISBN Number

This depends on your distribution plans. If you intend to sell your book as an e-book then you don’t really need one. If you are selling on as a kindle then you will also not need one. When you publish your content to Kindle Direct Publishing, will assign a 10 digit ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number) which is your unique number for the kindle platform.

If you are thinking of selling it on other websites then you will need to check those website requirements. If you intend for your book to be sold in book stores then you will definitely need one.

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